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Awards + Random Items

I have created some stuff over the years...

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Silver ADDY Award Winner

I was freelancing at Logan Marketing when I won this ADDY. Part of my job was to create RFP leave-behinds for the sales team to - you guessed it - leave behind after a pitch to a potential client. They hired a Creative Director to come in and create the actual pitch pieces and plan (I was only a temp), but I created the "package" that would hold the entire pitch. It was for Tulane University so it had to be nice, right? Well, a graduation cap seemed kind of a "duh" but I had to create the entire thing from scratch: spray-glue fabric to a piece of cardboard, make it an actual bookcover to hold the rest of the guts using spiral coil-binding, and create a catchy splash page. When I handed it to the owner of the agency his face could not hide how much he liked it. He said something along the lines of "I feel like I just graduated." The Silver ADDY was also pretty affirming it was a good piece.

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Luxuryville Pop-Up Designer Shopping Experience

In 2012, MOJO Marketing + PR wanted to pitch to Harrah's Casino a VIP/invite only, luxury shopping experience for the big football game that happens every year that we cannot legally mention (insert eye roll here, please). There was a storage space hidden away in Harrah's that was pretty much just that - storage - and we wanted to use it. I took reference shots, mocked up some different storefront ideas, and hired Roy Robinson to do a watercolor rendering for the full and perfect effect. The store fronts would have all been glass with iron fencing frosted onto the doors and walls for designer brands to set up temporary "pop-up" shops. There would have been a Roman Candy cart, and a Jazz band playing on the stage. Roy would have been drawing caricatures and it would have been oh so lovely.

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Commemorative Coin
I was freelancing for another small, semi-local agency. One of their clients was celebrating 100 years of business and wanted to give a coin as a gift.


Truck Float Mock-up

The same coin client also asked for a float mock-up with a steamboat. I was not sure if they could add a free-standing wheel so it had that option and one with a wheel incorporated into the float body.

Hand rendering, Photoshop mock

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Mandeville Family Reunion

The city of Mandeville has a family reunion every year and it doesn't matter if you are from there or not. It is a small town - I mean the former Mayor would wish me HBD - like himself - not his aid! You go to networking events and members of the local government are there socializing! But I digress... They contacted Backyard Printing, who normally prints stuff for them. (I do a little bit of work for BYP on occasion.) Anywho! The owner was inundated with work and asked me if I wanted to take a crack so I did this. There is an iconic old oak on the lakefront - you know it when you see it. I went and took some reference photos, then sketched it, scanned it in and added info.

Pen and ink | Photoshop

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CATNIP Foundation Property Signs and Other Branding

My favorite charity is run off of a small farm and the owners live on the premise. As they grew, their privacy and safety of everyone on the property became an issue to address. I also was asked to do the rack cards, staff t-shirts and plaques for the different cat houses on the property.

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I rode in a parade for a few years and, as a float member, I volunteered to help with the headpieces. I am no longer associated with that organization, but I am still proud of these pieces.


The theory was the float with the best head piece got to ride on the special "title float" up in the front of the parade the following year (yeah... ok). We never won, but at least one was called out specifically as "a winner" by a local magazine critiquing all the parades that year. They didn't have much positive to say about the other floats sooooo (we were ROBBED!). There was only one other, that a friend rode on, that we considered legit competition. I even offered to buy her headpiece it was so funny! But moving on...

There is A LOT to take into consideration - budget included - in creating these. Even then there are factors that one might not consider (like a wet wig - thanks downpour of cold, miserable rain!). It has to fit the theme creatively, I have to be able to buy or make the elements and stay in budget for 60-90 headpieces, it has to be able to survive getting wet, and - most importantly -  it has to be able to be worn! (you would be surprised!) The fishbowl worked until the wig got wet. The bobby pins literally were shooting out of my wig, but I had worn it comfortably for several hours of the pre-party prior to getting wet. The others had zero issue that I am aware of.

New beginnings will soon add more of these whenever we are allowed to have Mardi Gras again.

Mandeville Family Reunion Tee

I sketched a well-known live oak that lives out on the lakefront. It was scanned in and copy added to the tree to have the shirts printed for sale at the event.