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YES! You can for sure buy a logo for $25 online, but I can PROMISE you someone else will have a similar logo - if not the exact same one. It is a "you get what you pay for" situation. I offer 100% unique and one-of-a-kind logos for every client and full ownership once paid in full. I will never sell a replica of your logo. Ever.

I start with a creative brief. It is literally my "magic 8-ball" and I can get a better picture
of what you want the first time.

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Costume Couture Logo and Business Card
A high-end custom costume maker client!
Not just any business card would do for
such a business. Left is the "dream card"
but deemed too difficult to reproduce (time and labor intensive). On the right is the compromise.


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Covington Film + Art Fest Logo Pitch

It has to have an odd-eyed cat (one blue eye and one green eye). I pitched this for the 2019 Fest. Another one I did was chosen.

Hand-drawn | Vectorized and colorized in Illustrator

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Upstart private institute dedicated to public health and environmental research to be based in Kenya, Africa.

Pen and Ink  (tree top) and Illustrator

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Pontchartrain Po Boys Logo and Menus
They wanted a refresh on their look. I created the logo first, then they wanted a new menu. The photo in the background is also by moi, as well as the menu design itself. I'm getting hungry looking at it! (and the food is AMAZING)

Logo: Illustrator

Menu: InDesign

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Sedona Grills Pitch

A member of the marketing department for a major local pool distributor contacted me to create some logo options for their new line of bar-b-que grills. We discussed the brief and these were the options I presented. LONG STORY SHORT - they chose an in-house design that was similar to the middle one.

Illustrator and Photoshop

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Salkeld Marine Logo Pitch

I did a custom compass rose with the SMS initials and sent this sheet as the presentation - basically different font options for the logo. They went another route. (A friend of theirs made one for free.)



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A peek into the process:

Northshore Roller Derby

This one was fun! One of the local roller derby leagues decided to rebrand. Again, our trusty creative brief gave way to the final design.

Hand-drawn | Vectorized and colorized in Illustrator

LabTrust/HealthLink Partners

I posted this to show my process. I get my brief back from the client and do some research. I come up with an idea and I go forward.


Sedona pitch

A new line of bbq grills needed a logo, and the marketing contact brainstormed and we decided we wanted to keep with southwest and charred look. In the end we sent these 3 for review. I preferred the top one, but they ended up with something sort of like the middle. The in-house designer and I became friends and she even preferred mine over hers. What can ya do....