We're living in a digital world and I am a digital girl

You know those little ads that pop up at the bottom of your phone screen or take over the entire screen while surfing or scrolling, etc? Don't hate me... I did freelance for a few years for a couple of companies that handled selling those. It was a great experience to "see behind the curtain" and create the slides that would be used to pitch all sorts of ideas to brands that you probably see every day (this is where knowing how to use and ID existing branding guidelines came in super handy). It also expanded my lane as far as my skill set. One should never stop learning.

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Sprite Basketball Game Mock-up

I was working freelance for a digital advertiser based in NYC. They asked me to come up with a game to fill the basketball void when there was a strike back a few years ago. They pitched it to Sprite the day the strike ended so I ended up changing the theme to celebrate the return of the sport instead. yeah, nbd...

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Clinique Valentine's Day App

The same NYC digital advertiser wanted to pitch a Valentine's Day promo for lipstick by letting a user write a love note or message with their shade of lip color and then email, text, or share their message.

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John Doherty Ironworks Banner Ads

Iron work is his side hustle. He was a native of Slidell and, after Hurricane Katrina, he started making some really nice pendents in commemoration of the lives lost due to the storm. He limited the number to a number publicly released count of fatalities. Locals would argue there were many, many more deaths not counted, but all we can do is trust the people counting the bodies. (sigh)


That time I created a mock up of a game that Sprite bought... NBD. So the ad bled in from the bottom to take over the entire screen; the top pops off and a basketball pops out with confetti and an explosion of "Basketball is back!". A banner comes up to click to the game where the hoop is moving around and the user tries to shoot the ball in the moving target.