Whether you think about it or not, once you create something - a store, restaurant, public group, a product or even a service - you have a brand and an identity. "Identity – or visual identity, or visual identity system, or brand identity system – is a package of visual devices that an organization uses to communicate the brand, such as graphic imagery, a color system, fonts and yes, a logo."*  "A brand is defined as “a person's perception of a product, service, experience, or organization.”**  Creating a good image, controlling it and selling it are the makings of multi-million dollar companies. A designer also needs to know how to follow an established set of guidelines as well. A lot of places require corporate give final approval before an ad is run or they won't help pay for the advertising. So, yeah, you have to follow those guides! This is all within a good designer's wheelhouse.

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Times Grill

Long-time client and go-to burger place. The owner and I discussed a refresh/rebrand for a little while. Once he was ready to pull the trigger, it was a breeze! (All designs were approved on PROOF 1!) The logo was provided by a friend of the owner, so it was my job to go off of that, but keep with the trendy but warm,  family-friendly feel he wanted.

There is a bar that is part of the establishment that is sequestered off by floor-to-ceiling walls. You can sit at the bar and order food, but you also go there to pick up your to-go orders, so it's separate, but the same. I changed the background to a parchment to tie both parts of the establishment together.

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Cat Party

A local rescue teamed with the Covington Cat Art and Film Festival for their annual fund raiser. An odd-eyed cat (a cat with a blue eye and a green eye) HAS to be the main image. Top is the commemorative t-shirt that was sold, and all of the signage for the event follows.


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A collaborative effort with a local marketing firm to create a brand and identity for their client's product, The logo was the only thing they had. I took it and ran with it. They required a custom folder so I made the info packet a waterfall. They also needed a brochure, a pop-up banner, sticky note pads, and  — last but not least — a mock up of the mailer package to send to doctors to help promote the program.

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LabTrust/HealthLink Partners

Logo and all collateral were handled by moi again. It is a lab that does all kinds of testing - mostly for drugs for Workers' Comp and job applications, but for doctors and hospitals too. I chose and designed the logo figure from an acrobat doing a back somersault. I saw if I made 3 of them, it made a chain: 3 partners, 3 acrobats keeping the circle. They loved it. (The process is illustrated on the "logos" page.)

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Premier Rehab and Aquatics

The name is self-explanatory I think. I kept with blues and sea greens for the logo and as much as we could. They needed a full stationery set, rack card and swag (magnets, pens, coffee cups).

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