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Ah the dying out of print! BUT PRINT IS FUUUUUN!!!!!!


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Gambit Weekly Fashion Layout - Alpha Award Nominee

Gambit was my very first job while still earning my degree. I pretty much dove into the deep end and almost drowned tbh; but I stopped, refocused and kicked harder to really develop all I use now. It has paid off! This top beauty was nominated for an award. There were 4 nominations and I was against the likes of Mignon Faget!!! Her designs are divine, and I did not place. But! They did use my main page as the award section intro image, so it obviously didn't suck that badly. BUT MIGNON FAGET!!!! I mean.... swoon.

Gambit Weekly's HomeSmart

This was a quarterly special section that came out. For a while I designed the entire section on an old cream Mac LONG before the cloud came out — way back when a 4G hard drive was "so huge". I was also blessed with not one, but two of the higher-grossing ad reps, so I was able to start passing some of the issue off. I got to keep the feature but helped art direct the guts. We had some great designers on staff so it was pretty easy to do.

Inside Northside Magazine
This a lifestyle, bi-monthly magazine that I have worked for in the past. New ownership has meant a new roll for me. It had been quite a while since I did any editorial design, and a minute to understand the new owner's aesthetic, but I think we finally got there. There will be more to come on this page. 

ISNS Children's Mental Health Layout

It is an important topic often shrouded in shame by both the child and parents. This does nothing to help. We needed to keep in mind the levity of the subject matter but also spark interest for the reader to engage. I think we did that here.

ISNS Storm Guide

On the Gulf Coast, we have a high chance of being impacted by hurricanes one way or another. The entire publication is dedicated to emergency contacts and other tid bits of information. Two important prep areas still seem to be forgotten: our elderly and our pets. Katrina and several hurricanes since continue to paint a horrific picture of just how forgotten these topics are. With space allotted, I tried to keep it bright but engaging.

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