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Ah the dying out of print! BUT PRINT IS FUUUUUN!!!!!!


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Gambit Weekly Fashion Layout - Alpha Award Nominee

Gambit was my very first job while still earning my degree. I pretty much dove into the deep end and almost drowned tbh; but I stopped, refocused and kicked harder to really develop all I use now. It has paid off! This top beauty was nominated for an award. There were 4 nominations and I was against the likes of Mignon Faget!!! Her designs are divine, and I did not place. But! They did use my main page as the award section intro image, so it obviously didn't suck that badly. BUT MIGNON FAGET!!!! I mean.... swoon.

Gambit Weekly's HomeSmart

This was a quarterly special section that came out. For a while I designed the entire section on an old cream Mac LONG before the cloud came out — way back when a 4G hard drive was "so huge". I was also blessed with not one, but two of the higher-grossing ad reps, so I was able to start passing some of the issue off. I got to keep the feature but helped art direct the guts. We had some great designers on staff so it was pretty easy to do.

Inside Northside Magazine
This a lifestyle, bi-monthly magazine that I have worked for in the past. New ownership has meant a new roll for me. It had been quite a while since I did any editorial design, and a minute to understand the new owner's aesthetic, but I think we finally got there. There will be more to come on this page. 

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