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Doing large format can have its challenges, but if done right, you can read it a mile away!

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Gilsbar Trade Booth Background

I was tasked with making sure I found a photo where there were no unseen blemishes that popped out when enlarged to 10 feet tall for a trade show booth back. I also had to "embroider" the logo onto the sweater.

— • —

The Cupcake Connection Digital Billboard

Collaborative effort with Mojo Marketing + PR based in Nashville. The Cupcake Connection already had assets and branding in place, I just needed to follow them and make the billboard. This shined high above the city of Nashville and its traffic.

— • —

Laurel Outdoor Transit Advertising

They did bus wraps and bus shelter signs throughout the city. Doing a bus "butt" (as I refer to them) is not as easy as it looks. There are A LOT of places you cannot put anything due to lights or vents or other areas that are "off limits". This goes for the sides as well. You have windows and doors to design around. Shelters are just large posters (or small billboards) but need to be seen by passing motorists.

— • —

CATNIP Foundation

A local 501-3c non-profit has a lot of adoption and other low-cost veterinary events and needed some large signs. These are an adoption banner, a feather flyer banner, a microchip banner, and a CATNIP clinic coroplast sign.

— • —

Times Grill Banners

Times is a locally-owned restaurant but are very supportive of education. They have school-specific fund raisers and donate to them all the time. They often buy a banner for one of the high school's athletic fields (right). In 2019, they were voted "Best Burger" from a local magazine, so they wanted to brag a little (left) It's my go-to place when I want a burger- YUM!

— • —

Felicity Kahn and Associates Banner
One of her builder clients needed a banner for a high end dream house in a local preserve area. 3 options were presented to her builder, they chose this one. It's 4 feet tall x 6 feet wide.