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I’m just a chick who loves the challenges that come with being in a creative field! Every client has new and exciting puzzles to solve. I’ve been told a few times that I am pretty good at it too. (I do have a few awards to back that up.)

I have been in the biz since the late 90s (yikes) and have been running my own little graphic design studio for almost 20 years now (yeay!). My career started at a high-end, but “alternative/funky”  local weekly magazine where I learned a lot from some talented people. My biggest assets are how to think fast and outside the box; allowing me to create award-winning designs. (This is where the bulk of my awards came from because they paid the entry fees.) After moving on, I have worked for and in collaboration with other designers, ad agencies, and publications - both in-house and remote locally, and remotely across the country (from upstate NY state and NYC, TN and FL to the West Coast). My clients consist of those with and without marketing departments, but in need of quality design, or outside perspective - all requiring adhering to established branding guides, or re-inventing new ones.

While print is where I started (magazines, business collateral, etc),  I also execute digital and social media advertising; mockups for digital ads, apps and games; large format; logos; as well as just about anything else you can think of. No like seriously... I designed a mockup for a brand name designer pop-up shopping market and even a float once! Well, check out my portfolio and see for yourself.

So! What can I do for your company?

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